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Reviews of our clients

I liked everything! Thank you for your efficiency and good service. I was pleased with the Wi-Fi on board))

Efim, 03.03.2019 00:03

Excellent transfer, the car was a Mercedes minivan, spacious and comfortable, skis and snowboards, as well as a bunch of bags quietly got in, the driver drove very carefully and fast. Really good service for an adequate price.

Boris, 10.02.2019 00:02

Thank you very much, absolutely everything was pleasant. We will continue to use your services and recommend them to our friends and acquaintances!

Olga, 13.10.2018 00:10

I want to thank you for the transfer. Everything is great. The driver is good. He found us quickly. The car is very good, clean!

Elena, 25.08.2018 00:08

Thank you for arranging the transfer. Everything was organized perfectly, quickly and clearly. The driver met without delay. The very nice driver, speaks good English, the car was in perfect condition, very clean. The cost is fixed. Drove with full comfort to the right place. I will definitely apply for a transfer next time. Thanks!

Elena, 27.07.2018 00:07


What happens if my flight is delayed, will the driver wait for me?
The driver tracks your flight and knows the time of arrival. Therefore, the driver will definitely wait for you.
Where will the driver meet me?
The driver will meet you in the arrivals hall after collecting your baggage and clearing customs. If you have a check-out from the hotel, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby.
How do I recognize my driver at the airport?
The driver will be holding a sign with your name and surname
If my plans change and need to cancel my order?
You can cancel the order 24 hours before the start of the trip by informing us about it in any convenient way
If I need a stopover, will the driver comply with my request? Do I need to pay extra for this?
There are short stops on the road (up to 15 minutes). We can also make a long stop for an extra charge. Please advise in advance so that the driver has some time between transfers.

Italian holidays with transfer Caorle 

Italy is without any doubts a number one destination for traveling! No matter what season of the year you arrive here it will always astonish you. You can make your vacation even better if booking transfer Caorle.

Many tourists start discovering the county from the north. Combining Milan, Verona and Venice with beach rest is the greatest idea ever. Considering that Metropolitan City of Venice has lots of small towns washed by the Adriatic Sea. Caorle is one of them. The town is known since Roman times, as it was founded in the 1st century BC. The local landscapes were looking completely different in the previous years. Once there had been a forest here that was cut down for fields cultivation. Due to erosion scenery is still changing.

Caorle is a neat town crowded all year round. It's perfect both for sightseeing and beach holidays. Families with children, couples, people of all ages will find interesting activities here. Apart from sunbathing and swimming there are some remarkable landmarks here that attracts tourists and photographers. Due to the houses painted in bright colors of every shade the town look vivid. Caorle itself reminds a big beautiful postcard, and of course, resting in such a place fills people with positive emotions only.

Looking for the ways to reach resort fast and see more landmarks? Book transfer Caorle and waste no precious minute!

 Tourism in Caorle: what to see

There are thousands of beautiful and picturesque places in Italy, but tourists keep going to Caorle because of wow-effect it provides. Coming here most vacationers don't expect anything more than just a beach and the sea but discover much more than that! What should you visit to spend a perfect day in Caorle?
Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Angelo. A 700-years old church built in Baroque style. Located near the water this place has become a pilgrimage destination over time;
St Stephen's cathedral with unique cylindrical bell tower;
Cliffs with carvings. A mix of nature work and art by Italian sculptor;
Caorle lagoon, a fishing harbor with fishermen huts;
Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, the writer fell in love with this place and described local landscapes in his book "Across the River and Into the Trees";
Aquafollie water park.
As you can see, Caorle is more impressive than you might have expected! If you're looking for the ways to reach the resort fast and comfortable choose transfer Caorle. That's how you would be able to stay here longer!

How to reach resort: bus or taxi Caorle

Planning to visit resort from Venice just as a daily trip or stay in this little paradise longer? You can choose between several transportation options. There's no train station in the town, but the amount of possible ways to reach Caorle is still huge:

  • Shuttle bus;
  • Car rental;
  • Boat;
  • Taxi Caorle;
  • Personally organized transfer.

As you might notice, most of the options provide personal transportation. The cheapest way to reach the resort is a bus. Transportation is performed by AVTO company, and you can find current schedule on their website. But it might be not the most pleasant option, especially when traveling with suitcases and children during high summer season. Even working AC isn't helpful in overcrowded buses and after an hour of sweaty and suffocating ride you still need to drag your luggage to the hotel.
Boat is nice idea, but not when you reaching hotel with suitcases. There's little joy in a boat trip if all you actually need is to get to your room. What might be convenient is taxi Caorle. You get into the car and the driver takes you directly to the entrance. Of course, the price isn't that cheap as taking a bus, but it least you'll be traveling without strangers. Consider the following before booking a taxi Caorle:
Going from airport or Venice to Caorle isn't a money saving option. The fares for trips to another town might be increased at least twice;
Taxi services in Italy is charging people according to taximeter. You might imagine the final price for an hour of drive with a taxi;
10% for the driver is mandatory;
The final price might increase due to night fare, weekend fees, traffic jam, detours or even strikes.
If you want to reach resort in a comfortable atmosphere and know the exact price before the end of the trip make a reservation for transfer Caorle. With TRANSFER ITALY there wouldn't be any problems.

Advantages of transfer Caorle

A personal trip booked in advance and organized by a team of professionals is an accurate description of the transfer. It provides way more services than ordinary taxi. Here's 5 main advantages of a transfer in comparison with taxi Caorle:
Organization of the trip. You'll be picked up by a trained chauffeur. He'll help with your luggage and take you directly to the hotel entrance.
Fixed price. Visit TRANSFER ITALY website and you can find the current fares for transfer to any town or resort in Italy! We post them 4 months before the start of the season and never change our fares.
Professional attitude. Only trained chauffeurs, only skilled and helpful assistants, only proficient technicians are working to perform Chauffeur Limousine service Caorle and to make your trip perfect.
Booking in advance. There's no need to look for the car of necessary capacity and type at the day of the trip. With transfer such a vehicle will be already waiting for you at designated place and time.
Range of services. With a transfer you get much more than just a ride. You'll be traveling in a plesant and cosy atmosphere, feeling like you are driving with an old friend.

Choose our company for transfer to Caorle and enjoy free services 

When planning a trip to Caorle consider that it might take a bit more than 1 hour. How would like to spend this part of your day? Surrounded by strangers in a bus? Driving with high speed with taxi Caorle and thinking of the price of such a trip? Or do you want to get into the car and forget about worrying and stress? We can provide that!
Choosing TRANSFER ITALY you make the first spent towards your comfort! With our Chauffeur Limousine service Caorle you get multiple services for free:

  • booster seats;
  • transportation of oversized luggage;
  • drinking water;
  • short stops (15 minutes max);
  • use of toll roads;
  • 24/7 service and assistance for a fixed price;
  • English-speaking personnel.
    Discover more with transfer Caorle! Make your holiday ideal with TRANSFER ITALY!
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